I am an adult survivor of childhood surgical trauma.  Recent surgical procedures that I had undergone as an adult induced levels of pain that I perceived were disproportionate to the condition and detrimental to complete recovery.  But I had the mistaken belief that you just had to tough it out, take whatever pain meds they gave you, and hope that each succeeding day that you felt better.  This “suffering in silence” approach is unhealthy for body, mind, and spirit—but it is learned behavior.  Some pediatric surgery performed on me in the 1950’s could be considered barbaric by today’s medical practice standards; nevertheless, I survived.  After cervical fusion surgery 2 years ago, I experienced such pain that I was almost catatonic, I was so shut down.  My insightful spouse gently suggested that I might be experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome.  I had always imagined that PTSD was a battlefield-induced condition, not something a civilian could experience.  After a little internet research, and a co-incidental depiction of the technique being used on a TV show, I learned about eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy as a treatment for PTSD.  Further research led me to Dr. Peters.  After an initial consult, she determined that EMDR could be an effective treatment for my situation.  EMDR therapy is quite a process and facilitated migration of my trauma from being in the front of my life to it being simply a part of my life.  I doubt that this transformation could have been achieved with conventional talk therapy.  As a scientist, I was skeptical that EMDR could help me—but I was wrong.  Used by a skillful practitioner such as Dr. Peters, I will happily confess that EMDR was significant in helping me work through my trauma to reach a more peaceful existence.  [I continue to “notice” it.]


I was the victim of a particularly vicious attack that left me physically and emotionally devastated. Despite my resistance to accepting professional help to deal with the trauma, my family contacted Dr. Peters based on strong recommendations from others familiar with her work. After a good deal of coaxing, I agreed to meet with Dr. Peters. Without question, absent the support and counsel of this extraordinary therapist, I am confident I would not be around today to write this endorsement. On many levels, I was crippled by the assault and Dr. Peters demonstrated tremendous compassion and skill in working with me to successfully address the many issues I confronted. It was very much a collaborative effort and she obtained my agreement to the treatment plan and its execution. Additionally, whenever there were rough times, she was always available for me and my family. I have a high pressure job with enormous responsibility and the help and support of Dr. Peters and my family allowed me to return to it in short order and ultimately resume a normal life. The journey wasn’t always easy but Dr. Peters stood with me each step of the way. I cannot say enough about her approach and her skill. I feel so strongly about this I am available to speak with anyone considering taking advantage of this extraordinary professional.

– K. M.

I suffered from emotionally crippling PTSD for years and had sought help from several other therapists with negligible success when I found Dr. Peters through an internet search for psychologists certified in EMDR. I am a much healthier, happier person after working with Dr. Peters. Because of her insight, compassion, and understanding, she earned my complete trust and together we were able to work on and resolve the issues that had been plaguing me for so long. It is no exaggeration to say that she changed my life, and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is struggling to overcome their own problems.

– B. G.

I had successfully created an appearance that all was fine in my life. I had a good job, a house, and all the trappings. But inside I was a wreck, and my relationships were in tatters.  This battle had been going on for over 20 years and through several other therapeutic attempts.  It had become my normal, and I was close to succumbing to acceptance that it would be that way forever.  Dr Peters was recommended to me as a specialist in EMDR and sexual assault trauma.  In my first visit I knew and was able to clearly visualize two things: first, the therapy was going to work; secondly; the process was going to be very difficult.  Over the next six months those beliefs became a reality. Throughout my sessions Dr. Peters made sure we always kept moving from one step to the next. We didn’t avoid tough things and didn’t linger on small success.

Life now has the things I have always dreamed about.  The house has become a home, and I am happily part of a real, open, and trusting relationship. My new normal is now exactly that – normal.